[THIN] Re: Streaming IE6 or IE8

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Thanks for the response Andrew,

I have seen the MS articles and have been doing my research. I havent seen too 
much success being reported.
I have seen a Citrix blog where the chap noted he couldnt get IE8 to stream 
(Citrix streaming) as well.

Typically we have 3 apps that rely on IE6 and are used by the bulk of the 
estate (a few thousand users) and we cant move to IE8 as the applications need 
updating ... but typically each time we get a new version of the apps ... they 
have bugs galore ... we cant move forward as a result. We have been promised 
fixes in 3 months or so... arrrrgh
Cant Load manage group / silo our way out of the issue as this would involve a 
rather large sum of money for a short period of time.

Anyone else had any joy ?


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  Microsoft don't support ie being streamed. Mind, while i've heard rumors of 
it being possible with appv, spoon, install free and Symentec all are capable 
of doing it. Browsium are developing unibrows that might be is interest

  I wrote about it here http://www.virtualizationpractice.com/blog/?p=8204


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  Subject: [THIN] Streaming IE6 or IE8
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  PS 4.5 / XA 5 Server 2003x86 or x64

  Has anyone managed to Stream IE6 or IE8 ?
  or are people using App-v ?

  Thanks :¬)

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