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I've recently rebuilt my Home MF server and didn't get the sound driver 
installed for a few days.  So it had no sound on the console.  However, sound 
was allowed over ICA and my sessions did have sound.

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  Check the Citrix client settings on your boss's PC. Sound is probably 
disabled and this will cause the error message you are getting. 

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  We are in the middle of putting in a sound card into a Compaq DL380, 
  Win2K MF xP server so my boss can listen to his voice mail remotley thru 
  his PC (don't ask!). Anyway, you can play a .wav file based voicemail 
  from the console, but if you try it from a term server or Citrix session 
  it says there is no hardware found. Anyone know how to get around this? 

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