[THIN] Re: Raid setups for citrix servers?

  • From: "Steve Greenberg" <steveg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 09:08:54 -0700

Agreed, it depends on the details of the apps and the environment. For a
small environment I tend to prefer to mirror the OS drive for protection and
if there are additional spindles put pagefile and other chatty stuff there.
For larger environments striping for performance is a good idea and let the
server count take care of redundancy. Another factor over the last few years
has been the move to blades, although it is improving the disk controllers
on many blades have been lacking in performance and you have to be careful
to test the results of what *normally* would work best..



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Pretty much all of the deployments that I have seen, a single mirror set is

I would be looking at the disk queue using perfmon and making sure that
there isn't a backlog of requests. As long as there isn't then there
shouldn't be a major hassle with disk performance on a Citrix server.

It's definitely a case of YMMV though. I have seen some instances with
applications that build a a database locally, copy data from another
database server into it's database, use it and then wipe it at logoff. When
you have 40 users on a server, it can blow the disks away. The same would go
if you were running a VMWare server and had the disks locally for 10 servers
sitting on top, the IO/sec requirements could be quite high.

Either way, take a look at what you are actually doing, and if required get
some smaller disks then less large ones, this will give you more IO/sec.


2009/1/30 jond <x@xxxxxxxx>

I'm curious how everyone does raid on their citrix presentation boxes.

I've always done them in a simple Raid 5 setup(with online spare) with
5-6 15,000rpm drives.
It makes for a pretty smoking fast setup, but it's not the cheapest
setup in the world.
I just got a quote for the new box I'm building, and the drives cost
almost as much as the server.

Anyone doing anything like raid 1 on the OS and raid 5 on the data?
Anything more exotic?


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