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The way we ensure the transform sticks is we make our users launch the
.prf file to start outlook instead of outlook directly. 



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tons of gotchas.  It varies by version but starting with Office 2003, it
ti common to make your won transform with the Custom Installation Wizard
out of the Office Resource Kit to preset the exchange settings.  The
result of installing with that custom transform is that when your user
first launch Outlook, it points them to the right place and sets outlook
up.  From there, you have to deal with managing their profile so the
settings "stick" or else just let it go through the process each time
they launch it. 


There are third party utilities out there and you can do it with
scripts.  The Kixtart forums probably have some nice examples out there
for doing this with Kix.




On 4/3/07, Allen, Christine <Christine.Allen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


If you are publishing outlook, how are you automating the generation of
the Outlook profile?  What are the best utilities?  Any gottcha's?

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