[THIN] Re: OT : humour, nigerian money scams

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Pfffttt paranoia at its peak. Bring it on I say. They already have your
email address. I take pleasure in letting the nigerian scum of the earth
know what idiots they truly are.

AND...We wouldn't have jobs if it weren't for inept and gullible end users.
You should be singing their praises to the rafters because they keep you

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The only difficulty with sending them an email is that then they have
confirmed your email address and can put that on their "valid" list to sell
on to other spam marketers.  My policy is: delete spam without reading (and
Read Receipts are disabled), and never click on the OK button when the popup
says 'Your computer is insecure!!!!!!', or 'You're broadcasting an IP
address!!!!', or similar.

This becomes "on topic" when we as administrators consider the gullibility
of our users and their willingness to be lemmings in response to spam.  We
send out emails regularly to our users encouraging them to be aware of email
hoaxes, and I'm just waiting for someone to send a "the world will end if
you don't delete the Acrobat Distiller temp directory" message (because if
you didn't already know this, W2K requires the unwashed rabble (ahem ...
"users") to have elevated privileges on that directory).

I ramble ...

Michael Earley
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Queensland Studies Authority
manual: http://www-csag.ucsd.edu/individual/pakin/idiot/chapter1.html

Jim Kenzig

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