[THIN] OT: Office2K SP1/SP2 licensing

  • From: Evan Mann <emann@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 09:47:54 -0400

With the intro of SP1 for Office MS put in a level of product activation
that makes you send off some info to redmond before you can use the product.
From playing around, I've found you can defeat this by installing Office
2000 Gold then  upgrading, but this is time consuming.  

I wan tt move all my Office installs up to SP2 and the newest patches and
plan to do a Custom install.  I suspect since I will be upgrading existing
Gold installs, this activation won't come into play.

But for when I reload/roll out new workstations, I'm not going to be
upgrading and I'm going to be asked to activate.  Does anyone know if there
is a way around these.  I have legitimate Office 2000 Pro licensing that has
been purchased from various vendors, but my actual copies of Office 2000 CDs
are from retail store copies that were here before I started working.
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