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Ouch!.    I hope you feel better soon.   Look on the bright side...your
body is producing crystals.  I'll bet we can mine your pancreas for years.
How much do you think each crystal is worth?  Gotta be fairly high since
they are Kenzigian.  :)


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Hix All,
If anyone is wondering where I have been the last few weeks I'll tell you.
I have been in the hospital with pancreatitis. Now it appears that they
have found a cyst at the top of my pancreas and I may need surgery. Not
good.  So you may not see me posting on the list for a few weeks.  == I'll
try to keep you all updated. I have a laptop here but they are keeping me
hopped up on demeral so I don't get on too often.
I am at the Cleveland Clinic so I couldn't be in a better place for care at
least. I have a ton of info to send out and catch up on to you guys. Will
do it as I feel up to it.

Take Care.

Jim Kenzig
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