[THIN] Non-Canon portable printer in a Win2003 TS environment?

  • From: "Leone, Michael" <MLeone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 14:52:39 -0400

I have 8 or 9 users, who all have Canon BJC-80 or BJC-85 printers. These are
portable color printers, and work just beatuifully in a Win2003 TS
environment. Unfortunately, those models have been discontinued, and the
replacement - the I70 - doe s*not* work. You print a job, and the page
prints ... but never leaves the queue. Looks like it never receives an
"end-of-job" notification. You have to manually go into the printer queue,
and delete the job, before the next job will start. At which point, the
whole process starts over again. Played with all kinds of printer options,
to no avail.
Canon refuses to help me, because they claim that it's a consumer printer,
not meant for a commercial environment, and if I get it to work, great; if
not, they won't help.

Fine; I won't use their products anymore. :-)

I know of a number of HP Deskjet models that work in this environment, but
they're not portable printers. If I have to, I'll buy one of those. But I
was hoping to hear from somebody who can tell me that, YES, *this* portable
HP model works, because I'm using it (as opposed to "should work", which is
what got me into this trouble with the I70 in the first place ...).

Any help appreciated.

Michael Leone, Systems Administrator
Philadelphia Contributionship
210 S. 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA  19106
V: 215-627-1752 x1282
F: 215-627-5354

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