[THIN] Re: Microsoft's Windows Server chief on Linux, 64-bitcomputing

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Yeah I am just trying to stir up trouble (wink)  We all know that the 
lab is quite different than the real world.

By the way, I am headed to Florida for the Citrix Customer Forum on 
Wednesday. This is where they take about 15 of their top customers and 
deluge them with what ifs and how much would you pay for type questions.

If anyone has any big issues they wan't brought up to Citrix (and I'll 
be sure to try and get it to the people that matter) let me know by end 
of Tuesday.

Steve Greenberg wrote:

> Jim,=20
> But you left out the next Q&A:
>       Has Microsoft tested it internally?=20
>               We've tried it internally, and it's substantive.=20
> Steve Greenberg
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> That link gets cludged...
> Here is the key paragraph on
> http://www.computerworld.com/softwaretopics/os/windows/story/0,10801,9321=
> 3p4
> ,00.html
> Bob Muglia Microsoft Windows Chief said:
> "The interesting thing is some of these scenarios are memory-constrained =
> by the kernel and how much space it needs to take and use. So just by=20
> having the kernel go 64-bit, you get a capacity improvement. Let me give =
> you an example of a service that just benefits phenomenally with 32-bit=20
> applications running in a 64-bit world. Terminal Server today on these=20
> new four-way and certainly eight-way systems is completely constrained=20
> by the amount of memory that can be used, because each user session uses =
> a fair amount of memory. Each of them is like a client. So in a Terminal =
> Server world, by going to the 64-bit operating system, even though=20
> Office and the apps that are being run are only 32-bit, you can get a=20
> lot more of those on simultaneously. All of a sudden, we explode the=20
> number of simultaneous users that a server can support. "
> AND then
> Q. Do you know any customers who have tried it?
> A. "Too early."
> This doesn't sound to me like they have done a whole lot of testing with =
> this theory to support those claims.
> Jim
> Steve Greenberg wrote:
>>Microsoft 64 bit chief states that 64 bit Terminal services works in=20
>>the =3D lab with 32 bit apps:
>>Steve Greenberg
>>Thin Client Computing
>>34522 N. Scottsdale Rd. suite D8453
>>Scottsdale, AZ 85262
>>(602) 432-8649
>>(602) 296-0411 fax=3D20
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