[THIN] Re: IMA service wont start error 2147483649

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This is a combination of several posts I saw on this subject while
attempting to resolve a situation where a client's IMA service on one of
their XP servers never started on a reboot, and would fail constantly with
error code # 2147483649 & 2147483647. 

The most commonly used resolution is to recreate the machine's local host
cache, usually located at %systemdrive%\program files\Citrix\Independent
Management Architecture\imalhc.mdb

Rename the existing IMALHC.dsn to something like IMALHC.old, create a new
DSN through ODBC. Go into the registry and go to, 

HKLM\Software\Citrix\IMA\Runtime\ and change the value of the entry
'PSrequired', to 1. . . .then attempt to restart your IMA service

When and if this doesn't work try the following solutions:

Check the path statements in the environment variables, make sure that the
following entries are in the Path variable - 


Also check to make sure that your TEMP, TMP - variable is pointing to
%systemdrive%\Winnt\Temp, %systemdrive%\Winnt\Tmp.

Please note that if you're running FR2 for XP, the path for your citrix
variables will be changed to %systemdrive%\Program Files\Citrix\.



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I was in the process of migrating from access to sql with dsmaint . After I
ran dsmaint config, I stopped the ima service and restarted it but it won't
start....rebooted. And still won't start. Help?

Thank You, 
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