[THIN] Re: ICA Keep Alives

  • From: "Steve Greenberg" <steveg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 14:03:59 -0700

What is the reason for the session interruption you are experiencing? Are
you using the session reliability feature? You might want to check out the
CTX ariticle:





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We have all Citrix servers/infrastructure setup in a remote datacenter. All
clients come in remotely via the web interface. There are no local clients.
The client sites/branch offices (about 30 users) have T1's with automatic
failover to DSL if the T1 drops. 


Currently we have ICA Keep Alives turned on but we're having some issues
with sessions not dropping into the "disconnected" status and thus having
users not able to re-attach to those open sessions if say our CSG dropped
for any reason. 


We like the functionality of the keep alives because some users connect via
wireless/other connections that aren't as stable and when those connections
are disrupted they can reestablish their session with little disruption. 


It seems like a trade-off situation and so I'm curious what others might
recommend given our setup. We're using 4.0.






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