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Subject: [Citrix South Technical] TechnicaIl Tip of the Day - Hotfix

Hotfix XE102W005 - Sometimes ICA sessions would hang and eventually
would disconnect

Document ID: CTX295968
This solution pertains to:

MetaFrame XP for Windows 2000

Last modified: Wed Jun 12 12:11:26 2002

Hotfix XE102W005
Filename: XE102W005.MSI
For: MetaFrame XP 1.0 for Windows 2000
Replaces: XE102W002
Date: May 29, 2002
Language supported: English (US)
File Download: ftp://ftp.citrix.com/metaXP/W2K/XE102W005.MSI

NOTE: This hotfix can be applied only to a Windows 2000 Server with
MetaFrame XP Version 1.0 with Feature Release 2/Service Pack 2


This hotfix resolves the following issues:
1. Under certain conditions, the session monitoring and control (SMC)
API would obtain incorrect information for ICA sessions.

During an ICA session, the session ID parameter was set to the
current session ID. When the session was terminated, the session ID
was not reset and the same session ID was erroneously used for the
next ICA session.

With a modification to software code, this behavior no longer occurs.
[From Hotfix XE102W002]

2. Sometimes ICA sessions would hang and eventually would disconnect.
This was caused by a problem in the code that buffers the ICA packets
sent to the client. If the buffer filled up, the code would enter a
wait loop that could not be preempted. This used all the CPU and
subsequent attempts to log on were very slow.

A modification to the code permits flushing the buffer when it
becomes full, thereby making room for additional data to be sent to
the client.
[From Hotfix XE102W005]

Installation Instructions for Hotfix XE102W005

NOTE: This hotfix is packaged with Microsoft Installer.You can deploy
the hotfix package to a group of serversusing Microsoft Active
Directory Group Policy Object orusing Citrix Installation Manager.
For more information,see the Citrix server Administrators Guide or
theCitrix Installation Manager Administrators Guide.

1. Download the XE102W005 hotfix file from the Hotfixes and Service
Packs page of the Citrix Web site.

2. Close all applications.

3. Double-click XE102W005.MSI.

4. When prompted, click Yes to shut down and restart the server.

Uninstallation Instructions for Hotfix XE102W005

To uninstall the hotfix:

1. Close all applications.

2. You can uninstall the hotfix in two ways:

Go to the location where you downloaded the hotfix .msi package. At a
command line, type:

msiexec /x (hotfix name)

- Or -

Right-click the MSI package and select "Uninstall."

3. When prompted, click Yes to shut down and restart the server.

Files Updated

ctxsmcdrv.sys 4,952   05/29/2002 02:58p
hotfix.exe 57,616   04/10/2002 07:49p
icaperf.dll 41,232   05/29/2002 04:04p
wdica.sys 105,400   05/29/2002 04:04p

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