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  • Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 15:19:07 -0400

What does qfarm command from a dos prompt show you? You should use the
chfarm command to change a server to a different farm.


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Looks like connection licensing happens to be the topic du jour...

I have a production farm with 2 servers connecting to a backend SQL database
through a dedicated data collector.

I'm trying to migrate the farm to provide more flexibility (namely for a DR
site), so I just put online a new server which bypasses the data collector
and accesses the SQL database directly through a system DSN, thereby
becoming another data collector, I think.

The new server sees the server licensing, but not the connection licensing.
No users can log in except for designated MetaFrame administrators.  Here's
the real kicker -- the new server can list ALL licensing information in the
SQL database through the CMC, but the connection licenses are reported as

Also, the new server only sees other servers that have a direct SQL
connection (my production data collector, namely)...the main production
metaframe boxes don't appear in the server section of the CMC navigation
tree.  However, when I publish an app, NFuse picks up the new app without an

All server configs are as follows:

MetaFrame XPa 1.0 FR1

SQL database is Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Does anyone have an idea what to check?  I've already ensured that the new
server is in the same farm and zone as the production boxes, I've checked to
ensure the Feature Release level is consistent, and I've double and
triple-checked the Product Code to ensure it is consistent.

Someone please help...this is driving me crazy!

Thanks in advance.

-Dave Melczer

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