[thebigjewel] Office Holiday Party Guidelines - December 5, 2007

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where you can often behold us at the office
party looking for a lampshade to put on our head. Or, perhaps you'd prefer
to know the RIGHT way to behave at these problematic holiday functions. If
so, let Jimmy Chen be your guide:

Office Holiday Party Guidelines

By Jimmy Chen

People are encouraged to dress as well as possible. For men, a good tip is
to wear the same outfit you wore on your initial interview for employment
here at Copy Ink, Inc. If you wore a tie, we know you own at least one
tie. Women should wear dresses that complement their body without
exaggerating its proportions. Strapless dresses must be secured with
double-sided tape. Dress hems should be below the knee. 5-inch heels will
not bring you closer to God...

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