[thebigjewel] A Short Interview With Larry Sandwich - October 6, 2004

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Remember, folks -- The Big Jewel is America's last, best hope for a good
laugh in easily digestible prose form. This week's offering comes courtesy
of our own Ed Page, who brings us an interview with as much connection to
reality as a CBS News fact checker:

"A Short Interview With Larry Sandwich, Health Nut"

by Ed Page

INTERVIEWER: How long have you been a health nut?

LARRY SANDWICH: Well, let's see...as long as I can remember. And I can
remember pretty far back, let me tell you. Hell, I remember the dinosaurs.
Remember those? Huge gray nasty things with long snouts, always stealing
your peanuts...

INTERVIEWER: Peanuts? I think you may be thinking of elephants.

LARRY SANDWICH: Is that what they were? I do remember thinking, "Why are
all these dinosaurs here at the circus?"...

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