[texbirds] Possible Kelp Gull - Quintana July 22

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  • Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 08:26:06 -0400 (EDT)

Week  ago, on July 22, I had a small wave of LBBG coming to Texas shore at 
Quintana  (about 6+ possible Kelp and couple of American Herrings, few days 
later 1  Ring-billed, so gulls are on move). One subadult looked quite 
different. Dark  iris does not fit LBBG at all at this age; also wings molt 
pattern and pure  white head - at this time LBBGs came with streaks on their 
heads, leg color etc.  I just got confirmations that my main guess (have no 
experience with this  species) could be right – I based it on match with 28.22  
in Howell & Dunn.
BTW ss wing molt is interesting – it seem to progress from inner  most 
secondary and seems to keep going without any other locus; also left wing  is 
more advanced in ss molt than the right one. Old S1 in both wings looks newer  
than other old ss (including s2). 
Here is one composite photo that should make checking easier -  instead of 
going back and forth when trying to view bunch of photos.  If there is need 
I will upload a few more  photos but I think I covered all what can be 
useful and is available from all  taken photos.  
Mark  B  Bartosik 
Houston, Texas 

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