[texbirds] Notes from the coast 9/17/12

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  • Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 18:38:36 -0500

A Swainson's Hawk over Bolivar Flats this afternoon indicated the west wind was 
bringing some things to the coast. Broadwings and Mississippi Kites were 
soaring over High Island and 100 Anhingas were looking at Claybottom Pond where 
30+ pairs of NT Cormorants have started a fall nesting. There weren't many 
passerines in the woods but there was a chickadee competeing with the 
mosquitoes for space. Hummingbirds are using all available flowers and local 
feeders. High tides have lots of shorebirds and skimmers on the beach 
fortunately there aren't many people there.

Winnie Burkett
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