[texbirds] Mississippi Kite Near Blessing

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  • Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2012 07:19:23 -0500

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Between July 2 and 6 we had several sightings of a Mississippi Kite around our 12.289 acres 3 miles east of Blessing in western Matagorda County. Its distinctive white panels on the top side of its wings were easily observed while flying. It was first seen perched on a dead shrub like tree about 30 yards away that my wife would not let me cut down two years ago. We think we have seen it a couple of more times flying through our Live Oaks.

I am reporting it now after noting that another was a high light in another post on Brazos Bend S.P. Also, checklists for the area state that it is rare with only one or two sightings per season.

David Griffith

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