[TechAssist] Re: Zenith 9-1457-1 (sms1943s) no vertical

  • From: Gaetan <techno1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 17:21:55 -0400

 Jeff I did check everything in the vertical portion (yes unsoldered res
&caps ) and ok . (i don't have and esr meter thou , just a capacitance
Even the famous 2.2 ohm , is right on target !
I even check continuity to and on the yoke (9 ohms).
As I don't have the schem , 26 volts is applied on pin # ???
would like to know ...
and is there any other components to check , that drive signal to vert.IC ??
I'll check to see a large diode as you say ...
And the IC wasn't by Zenith before I change it , just normal LA7830 , been
replaced by same thing (didn't solve the prob)

Gaetan Bourgouin
Techno Logik
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At 16:32 16-05-02 -0400, you wrote:

By "everything looks good", does this mean you ESR's the caps, ohmed the
I would pull that 2.2 and check out of circuit.
If you did not order Zenith's IC, I would and see if that works.
You should really check your supply voltage to the IC, or the large diode
if it is getting to the IC, usually 26v, I think.
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Subject: [TechAssist] Zenith 9-1457-1 (sms1943s) no vertical

>Got a 1994 Zenith sms1943s ch: 9-1457-1 (C12)
>with no vertical deflection ...sound ok , and line across middle of screen
>Power supply is ok .
>Have change LA7830 , everything look ok around (caps, res. coil)
>usual 2.2 ohm resistor is ok too .
>Check yoke ok (9 ohms on meter)
>Probably signal doesn't get to LA7830 ....or opened component .... and I
>don't have the schematic ....
>Have redone some soldering , checked all the board .
>What do I miss ??? need help
>Gaetan Bourgouin
>Techno Logik
>Terrebonne  Que. Can.
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