[TechAssist] TV TECHS Here's Free Handy File Converter/CAD programs

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  • Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 19:51:44 -0700

Since I rarely have time to help individuals with TV problems
anymore (too many e-mails), I try to send whatever information I
think would be very useful when I find it. These can be used
when trying to open files sent to you by another tech and you
don't even have a program which will open it.

If you are thinking this must be spam, then just go to download.com
(CNET) and use the box at the upper left to search for these free

You may want to download XnView. It allows you to view or change
any graphic file type to any other type (over 400 types).

This one is free too. I read the current reviews and they are mixed.
If there is any problem with the new version I can e-mail the one I
have which has worked perfectly for me. I can view a Photoshop file
in one second instead of 15 seconds (the time it take PS to open).

To view schematics which are in .DWG file format** you can use the
following programs. Keep in mind that free programs like this do not
usually offer printing, although A9CAD may (I didn't want to install
it just to find out). Get these at download.com.

"Free DWG Viewer". A9CAD 1.0 (more complicated, but may support
printing - at least it's free)

**XnView does not work with .DWG (CAD) files, although it does work
with ANY graphic files (over 400) - even Webshots proprietary
files (photos) which normally only open if you install their
screensaver. I have converted dozens of the most beautiful nature
scenes to jpegs. Couldn't even use them otherwise.


         Bil Green 
          PC 1000
  Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

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