[TechAssist] Sylvania(Funai) Combo SSC190 Mech out of time HELP

  • From: Seawarthog@xxxxxxx
  • To: techassist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 06:53:21 EST

  Hi Gang,
   This units mechanism gets out of time for some reason and reseting timing 
of  tape guides seems to fix it. This is the third unit I have seen like 
this. This is a fairly new unit. This is one of those units, if you try to 
release stuck tape by winding motor, it will break mech. It requires moving 
the tape guide gear by hand, then the motor at the same time. We are 
authorized for Sylvania, but the mfg. 
wont return calls. Something wierd going on at corporate level. Anyway, has 
anyone seen this and come to a conclusion as to whats causing the tape mech 
to become jammed. Anyone else authorized for sylvania having same no response 

to technical assistance calls ?               Thanks,     Briant   Reasonable 

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