[TechAssist] Re: Sony Color: 8AD10, Power Supply Problem

  • From: Scott Beebe <Scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 08:36:06 -0500

Hello Bruce,

I think on some of the older sonys, they had a bulletin for sparking on the AC 
plug when plugging it in. The fix in short, to limit the inrush current, was to 
remove jumpers going (say) from the AC line to the bridge. (1 ea. on both sides 
of the AC line) It said to use .1 Ohm resistors, and had locations in the board 
for them, but had wire jumpers installed. Not saying it's a cure, but was just 
a thought.


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Wednesday, February 1, 2006, 7:05:15 AM, you wrote:

youmans> Manufacturer: Sony
youmans> Type: 8" Color TV
youmans> Model: 8AD10
youmans> Symptom: Power Supply Problems

youmans> Television works fine. During the month the
youmans> customer unplugs and moves the television from one room to
youmans> another approximately every other day. About the tenth time
youmans> unplugging the television and re-plugging it back in (with
youmans> the TV turned off), Resistor 602 (2.2 ohm, 3W) blows. I have
youmans> changed the flowing parts in the switch mode power supply:

youmans> D605
youmans> D606
youmans> D608
youmans> D612
youmans> D609
youmans> Q601
youmans> T602 (Switch mode transformer)
youmans> R602 

youmans> There appears to be a problem with in-rush current
youmans> starting up the switch mode power supply into the standby
youmans> mode.

youmans> Any help appreciated. I have no schematic also.

youmans> Thanks.

youmans> Bruce
youmans> Bruce's TV Service
youmans> Sierra Vista, AZ

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