[TechAssist] Sharp 27R-FS1 widescreen 27" TV data bus noise in left ch line audio out

  • From: "Leonard G. Caillouet" <lcaillo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <techassist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 10:58:25 -0500

If anyone has access to the manual on this one I'd appreciate an upload.  I
have a faint leakage of clock and data noise in the left channel line
output.  It is NOT in the speaker output at all, is not affected by volume,
and is on both ant and A/V inputs.  It is muted when changing channels,
inputs, etc, but is there and changes when displays are activated.  The
noise is still audible when the consumer mute is activated, but not when
automatic muting occurs.  It is a ticking sound that is perfectly
coordinated with the pulses on the data line.

Apparently the sound is routed through the MTS module as unplugging this
board causes all sound, from tuner or A/V in to cease.  No ticking when this
board is out.  At this point it would be pretty easy to isolate it if I had
a schematic of the sound signal path.

Any service bulletins on this?  We let our authorization for Sharp go a year
or so ago becuase we rarely sold any of their products and thought the
policy of replacing multiple boards as standard procedure is silly and
excessive (we only sold the HD products, for which this was the policy) and
we rarely see any Sharp come in.  The $100 a year for Sharpnet was just not
worth the cost when we only would use it once a year or so.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks

Leonard G. Caillouet
Electronics World
Gainesville, FL
352-332-5668 (fax)

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