[tcb] Re: Still looking for Jalousie windows.

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This is sounding like a Martha Stewart show.  I now expect Robb to have floral 
prints installed by Fredricksburg.

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Subject: [tcb] Re: Still looking for Jalousie windows.

Or you can do what we did and get an extra set of curtain rods and anchor the 
bottom of the curtains like rv’s do so you don’t have all that flopping. The 
breeze thru the windows does help cool the bus on a roadtrip and if it’s a cold 
day you know real quick if you left a window open.
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I drive on road trips all the time with mine open. Other than the curtain 
problem Sammy mentioned, I've had no problems. Since you're not going correct, 
I would suggest making an easily removeable curtain rod so you can take them 
down on road trips. That is, if you are going with curtains. 
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Thanks Sammie, 
 And as far as "correctness", this bus is about as far from correct as you can 
 I am putting Jalousie windows in a 13 window deluxe! Blasphemy! 
 Sammie Smith wrote: 
 > Eric: 
 > Look at the swap meets. Usually can find some of these things at a > swap 
 > such as Ennis. Going rate probably about $25 per copy for good > ones. When 
 > you acquire them make sure the cranks work. The gear in > the crank 
 > mechanism has a tendency to strip out and to my knowledge > there is no easy 
 > fix for this problem. So, when you are looking at a > used one make sure the 
 > crank works and cranks the windows in and out > with no problem. Also, some 
 > of these windows have laminated glass and > all of the laminate old ones I 
 > have seen have rusty discoloration in > the laminate and to look good the 
 > glass will have to be replaced. The > ones that do not have laminate have 
 > tempered glass which does not have > that problem. Also, if you are a 
 > stickler for correctness there is a > slight difference between the ones for 
 > a 65 and the ones for a 66 or > 67. The bottom sill plate is flat on the 
 > ones for 65 and slanted > significantly towards the out side on the ones for 
 > the 66/67. However, > they are interchangeable between all busses and fit 
 > the cutouts where > the pop outs would normally be on a Kombi. As to driving 
 > with them > open. I have around town. The only problem is that driving down 
 > the > highway the wind plays havoc with the curtains that go on each of > 
 > these windows. Other than that there is no problem that I know of > driving 
 > with them open. 
 > Hope this helps. 
 > Sammie 
 > At 08:56 PM 12/5/2006, you wrote: 
 >> I am still looking to buy at 6 - 8 square split window jalousie >> windows 
 >> for my bus. 
 >> I have one question though; can you drive with the jalousies open? 
 >> Peter, did you have a chance to see if you had any around? 
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