[tcb] Re: Spare engine?

  • From: "Brian Denning" <i_am_cool_fred@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 09:50:37 -0600

i think i will build the 21800cc engine that this baja has in it:


read the discription ;-)

From: "Brian Denning" <i_am_cool_fred@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [tcb] Re: Spare engine?
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 09:47:02 -0600

the only thing that is happenign the same weekend of the show is my mom's birthday and i already told her my priorities. i am so there. pregistered and everything.

From: "Denis Dodson" <coocoo@xxxxxxx>
Reply-To: tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: <tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [tcb] Spare engine?
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 09:39:55 -0600

I think that everyone who ever started in the whole Volkswagen hobby/disease has said that they are going to carry a spare engine. I know I did. And you know what? No body ever did.

Here I will tell a story that I have told before, so if you have heard it, well, just shut up.

Back in the olden days, when I was in College (U of Oregon, Class of Never) me and another guy were driving Jason, a 1960 non-pop-up Westie camper that 5 of us shared ownership of (everybody's car, nobody's responsibility). From L.A. back to Eugene, OR. Now back in these olden days, these busses were just old cars, not collectors items. Anyway we sucked a valve on I-5 and got off the freeway at Buttonwillow, near Bakersfield. We landed in a Safeway parking lot. We found a "Thrifty Nickel", or "Greensheet" kinda paper and found a motor for $100. We called the guy and he can with the engine in the back of his pickup.

Now, in those days when you bought an engine, it came with EVERYTHING, Carb, coil, tin, complete. We may have swapped some parts, I don't remember. But we took out our broken engine and put in the "new" engine, negotiated down to $80 with the exchange and went on home.

It cost us $80 and 4 hours.

Ah, the olden days, when men were men and the women didn't wear bras. And you could tell.

Anyway, I don't know anybody who carries a spare engine.

Also, Brian is already talking schedule and times to make it to the Classic, three months away? He will actually have three months to come up with a list of reasons he won't be there. Weddings, job, sick, broke bus... You know the Electric Rolling DooDoo ( or whatever he calls it, won't be ready. Blue smoke or bad dizzy, or defective sidewalls, something.

Try for the Nac show, Brian. It will be a test un.

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