[tcb] Re: Sliding door challange vs. Austin VW dub show

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did you change the spring? is is that big one where the latch connects the the 
sliding door. What did you have to do? I got the door off and I am looking at 
it. It looks fine to me. 
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There's a spring in there that gets it to pop out. I had to fix it a long time 
ago but it's in the door where the slider mounts to it. Basically when the 
latch is released it causes the door to pull away from the body. 

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I've got a snag in my sliding door. When you open it from the outside - i pull 
on therear latch to get the door to pop open. I pulled the rear latch off and 
cleaned it all up and oiled it - no improvement. So I am debating pulling to 
door off tonight , take the lock off and see if there is a way to lube them. 
Must be something inside. all the bearings look good. 
Door gets worst when its get colder - during the summer the door opens up fine, 
I did put a new seal on the sliding door last year and I even coated the rubber 
with some silicon to make sure the seal wasn't causing the door to hang..... 

If I get cant it all back together I'll catch everyone at the next show. 

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