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Ok all, this is on! June 18th. We can arrive as early as 3pm, $15 per head 
admission, we have our own drag race eliminator set up at 9pm ish for anybody 
that wants to race. To race is $10.

We'll be camping, and there is a group cost of $80 to cover a night watchman 
that we have to pay by the time the racing is over. I would like to get 
commitments in advance for those camping so I'm comfy it will be covered.

Again, no show, but a fun social camping event at the coolest drag strip in 

Brent is working on some enhancements for Saturday before 3, so stay tuned!

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Sounds cool! Will there be a show as well as racing?

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Inspired by the VW show that was there a few years ago, several people on the 
air coolers board have shown interest in doing something there.
We're shooting for June 18th, so it would be a great fathers day present for us 
Nothing too extravagant, but they'll open the gates early for us to BBQ, set up 
camp, let us camp Sat night, and incorporate VW racing into their racing 
program that begins around 6 pm Sat. IN addition to their normal entry fee, (I 
think $20 per car load) there will be a fee to those who want to race, and 
maybe a small fee for camping.
We will have to fund the night watchmen, so for those camping, I'll take up a 
collection for whatever that amount will be. I can't imagine it being much. 
As I know more, I'll be sending details to all the clubs around Texas.
Working out the details, and nothing is in stone yet, so stay tuned!


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