[tabi] unbelievable discrimination against the disabled out in the open

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  • Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 18:59:34 -0500

Hi all,


We all know that the unemployment rate for those with significant
disabilities is somewhere around 70%; and most of us believe the reason is
due largely to discrimination.


However, a  millionaire CEO named Peter Schiff, in a recent interview, said
what we know many people believe, but won't say directly.  He was discussing
people who aren't worth minimum wage; who are in his words, worth about $2
an hour:


"You know somebody who might be? Maybe somebody who is, uh, you know, what's

politically correct word? Uh, you know, uh, for, uh, you know, mentally

... I'm not going to say that we're all created equal ... you're worth what




This is so unbelievable that I just feel that sometimes, we have to be
reminded as disable people, what our real problems are; it's not the
day-to-day difficulties of living, but instead it's living day-to-day with
people who feel like this guy does.


For anyone who'd like to read a review of the interview and his remarks, you
can see one at:




I hope you'll keep this in mind during the next elections.





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