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Hi Charles,

Well, I don't own any of them, and am not in a position to offer more than
general info.  I'm writing my own laptop GPS nav system as a hobby though,
and will let everyone know when it's ready (if ever).

I'd say Liz, because her lab is likely to own one of each, and Robert
because he sells them, are likely to know more about the accessible

Having warned you, you have 3 choices which you can think about:

if you have a smart phone already, I'm guessing one of the systems for the
phones (google on Geo Mobile or WayFinder for instance), is likely to be the
cheapest.  I would buy an external bluetooth gps receiver, as the ones
built-into phones are known for not being as sensitive or as accurate.

if you don't own a phone, or you get some other advice that says they're
hard to use or something, then next would be the Trekker, and about the same
price if you own a note taker already, then one of the Sendero add-ons for
note takers (I think it's available for the GW note taker, the humanware
one, and I think one from FS as well).

If you don't own the note taker, and you were wanting one anyway, then this
could be your reason to get it.  but if you don't own one, and aren't going
to buy one, then the Trekker is what's left.

I have the vague feeling that the trekker and the phone-based ones aren't as
easy to use as the note-taker based ones.  One of the phone-based systems,
WayFinder Access, isn't from Sendero, and doesn't get nearly as good
feedback about it.  I think every other offering may be from Sendero except
for the Trekker.

I'm pretty sure Access World and such like publications have done a round-up
review of them all by now.  I'll see if I can find a link and post it here.



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which one of those would be the most economically sound investment you've

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        Hi al,
        I have spent a small amount of time on my project to create gps
databases of Tallahassee locations.  I didn't spend much because I didn't
hear back from any GPS owner except Robert, even though I know several
people who own them.
        In any case, what I've turned up in my brief search is a GPS
database of the FSU campus, it's buildings, with each entrance indicated
separately, it's bus stops (and the routes indicated which make use of that
stop), and the businesses located in and around campus.  Also, the C.K.
Steel plaza and it's various gates is listed in this database.
        I've found a separate database of all the street intersections in
and around Leon County.  I'm not sure how useful this one will be, as I'd
expect any GPS nav system (other than Loadstone) to be able to tell you this
information from it's map data.
        Unfortunately, I didn't turn up any city bus data, and didn't get
any response from the StarMetro email address I had when I wrote them and
asked about it. I was wondering if TCB or NFB had someone who interfaced
with StarMetro, and if so, would you be willing to ask them about route and
stop GPS data?
        I also have access to a huge database of points of interest, broken
down by category, if there's something in particular (such as ATM locations
for instance), that people would feel to be particularly useful.  I'd have
to write a program to create such a list, but I'd be willing to upon
        so, I'll ask once again, any GPS users out there interested in what
I've found, or even better, interested in mapping bus stops or other places
you go and sending me the coordinants?  How about the O&M instructors at the
lighthouse or DBS, would you be willing to take the GPS units along on
lessons and send me the resulting points you've marked?
        I'd like to be able to compile these into formats loadable by
whatever systems we have here in town, and put them on the TABI resource
page for downloading.
        so, please let me hear from you, what type of system you use, and
whether you want anything I've mentioned or would be willing to contribute

        Chip Orange
        Database Administrator
        Florida Public Service Commission
        (850) 413-6314
         (Any opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not
necessarily reflect those of the Florida Public Service Commission.)


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