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I'm glad you don't feel like I interfered or anything.
I have concluded from what I've seen on TABI that 2 camps
have emerged:

1) All transfer point intersections, other intersections used to get
to/from stops (for example, 7th and Monroe, needed to get to the Senior
Center), and stops themselves need to be as accessible as possible
BEFORE this plan is implemented. That means the money needs to be both
procured AND spent on sidewalks, crosswalks, signals & audible signals
BEFORE buses start rolling by. Routes should be reconfigured to
eliminate the need for crossing a) mall parking lots [Read: Go into the
malls.], and b) busy streets where there is no traffic control [Read:
Go into Miccosukee Hills Apartments, since otherwise patrons traveling
toward downtown would be required to jaw walk Miccosukee Rd. where
there is no traffic light, endangering themselves and holding up
traffic.] Not only would this make the playing field level for the
disabled and elderly, but it would be a HUGE SELLING POINT to attract
the heretofore car-bound: "You will never have to stand in the mud or
risk falling in a ditch. Crossings will be clearly marked and signaled."
    There is a subset of this group who believe that one or both of
these technologies should be requirements as well:
a) some sort of locating beacon for sign-only bus stops, and/or
b) a GPS-based system on-board the buses for announcing

2) All transfer points should be scaled-down versions of C.K.Steele
Plaza-- covered, off-road, requiring no street or parking lot
crossings, and preferably manned. This would ensure ADA compliance, and
would be an even greater selling point to the general public:
"Transferring buses is as comfortable as getting into your car in your
garage." Realizing that this option is far from cost-neutral, I think
the conclusion is that the switch should be postponed until revenue is
available for it.

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