[tabi] letter to the Democrat re Star Metro

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  • Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 21:14:19 -0400

Rider is frustrated with StarMetro
Tuesday at 12:15 p.m., there were about seven people waiting for a StarMetro
to take them downtown to Steele Plaza so that they could transfer to other
and continue to take care of their affairs for the day. These people had
been at
the bus stop since about noon. Most of them had come out of the Bond
Community Health
Center, which is right in front of the bus stop at 1720 S. Gadsden St. They
had to
stand in the hot sun, since there is neither a bench nor a shelter on South
A bus did not show up until 12:35 p.m., at least 15 minutes late.
I called StarMetro to report the bus late, only to be told, "Route No. 7 has
a trainee
on it and is running a few minutes late." When I pointed out that those of
us waiting
on the bus would have to wait an additional hour at Steele Plaza, I was
simple told,
"We no longer hold the buses."
Of course, I knew this, as I had pointed out to a supervisor one day that it
not make sense for StarMetro to hold up 10 buses because one bus was late.
My point here is that the management of StarMetro does not seem to care
about the
time of the people who ride StarMetro. Buses routinely are late; buses
do not show up; people have lost jobs because of StarMetro; people have been
to keep jobs because of StarMetro. Yet, the City Commission does not seem to
it does not seem to provide any meaningful oversight of the operations of
If past practice is any indication, the new Nova system will be full of
snafus, missteps,
missed connections, etc.

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