[tabi] good deal on multi function printer sales ends on the 23rd

  • From: "Easy Talk" <easytalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <tabi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 14:24:51 -0500

If any of you all are looking for a good deal on a multi function printer, 
Office Depot has the Lexmark Prestige Pro805 on sale for $199.00, Most places 
have it some where in between and as high as $349.00 plus shipping.

Our HP laser Jet bit the dust so I had to find a replacement.  As being a beta 
tester for GW I knew they had done some work with lexmark to make there MFC 
printers accessible since they have a touch screen.  Most of the work between 
GW and lexmark dealt with the higher end printers for business and basically 
the features of the touch screens were accessed via the internet web site.  You 
can read more about it on the lexmark.com site.  There's  a accessibility link 
on the main page.

Anyway after looking on the web and getting ticked when I found the printer for 
a good price couldn't get the site to process my order so I went looking for it 
locally, it ain't no fun when the printer doesn't work, and on my first call, I 
found it at office depot for less than anything I had found on the web.

Okay, if you are bored or not interested, then just hit escape and delete.
If you are interested,I will describe the unit, its features and my findings so 
far as they relate to accessibility and it's ability to be a cheap way as a 
scanning/ocr system.

The unit is about 18 inches by 15 and 9 high.  It weighs 18 pounds.  it is a 
inkjet/ photo printer, copier and scanner with a 150 sheet paper tray and 50 
sheet document feeder.  The controls are one power button and a touch screen 
for at printer use which means you can stand at the printer and copy scan or 
print documents and photos if you have enough vision to use the touch screen as 
a stand alone unit with out using a computer.  you can also do the same task 
from your computer using the installed software that comes with the printer.  
The printer also connects to a network, wired or wireless and has a usb memory 
portend a memory card slot that supports several memory types, some may require 
adapters.  The OCR/scanning software that comes with the unit is ABBYY Fine 
Reader. The printer software allows you to scan a document and have it sent to 
the application you choose such as your word processor.  This basically means 
you can scan a document and have it automatically open in MS word.  You can 
also scan a document and have it e-mailed.  the same goes for photos.

So far I have found that the installation and software works with Window-eyes 
with out sighted assistance.  However there is a point during the installation 
where you will need sighted assistance to select the language and set the time 
and date from the printer.  It may be possible to change or correct this once 
the unit is up and working using what is called smart solutions which is the 
web based service for customizing the touch screen and creating custom complex 
print jobs.

So far I am impressed and wanted to let people know about the good deal.  If 
any of you are interested, I'll post more as I learn.


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