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  • Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 11:32:29 -0400

Today's Cool Site...

What do you value in a job?
Looking for a job is never much fun. Hunting down leads, mailing résumés and 
interviewing is a full-time job in itself!

But, in today's economy, job searching takes on a new aura of dread. That's 
because competition is tight and jobs are scarce.

Let's be positive about things, though. Being between jobs is a golden 
opportunity. It gives you time to assess what you want in a job.

Maybe working as part of a team is important to you. Or, maybe you prefer to go 
it alone and work independently.

Well, today's Cool Site will help you determine what you value in a job. It can 
make a real difference when you're job hunting.

Just answer a series of questions. The site will determine what values are 
important to you. You can further rank them.

You can skip job postings that don't meet your criteria. Instead, focus on the 
ones that you'll find personally rewarding. This is a great tool for anyone 
changing jobs or just thinking about it.

You can also answer questions about your current job. This will show you how in 
tune it is with your values.

Normally, I would encourage everyone to assess their current job. But, hold off 
for now if you're gainfully employed. You might not like the results. And this 
is no time for an unnecessary job search! 


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