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  • Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 12:41:37 -0400 (EDT)

 If you'll be traveling downtown, you'll want to check the website listed below 
(in bold) to see where construction will be.
A COT new release March 13, 2012 said, Work began today on a project to 
renovate sidewalks throughout the city's downtown core. ... The first segment 
being renovated is along E. Jefferson St. between S. Calhoun and S. Gadsden 
The $2.4 million project will rebuild approximately 60 block-long segments of 
sidewalks in the area bounded by Tennessee Street on the north, Gadsden Street 
on the east, Pensacola Street on the south and Bronough Street on the west. 
Repairs will be completed one block at a time to minimize impacts on businesses 
and pedestrians, though several different sidewalk segments will be under 
construction at any given time. Work will be limited, reduced or stopped 
altogether during local special events or periods of activity (downtown 
festivals, legislative session, etc.).
"Downtown is the City's center of activity," said Mayor John Marks. "Rebuilding 
the sidewalks is not only beneficial to our economy as the project provides 
jobs, but once completed it will allow even more flexibility for pedestrians to 
move about downtown. As economic conditions improve, providing new or improved 
infrastructure such as rebuilt sidewalks will help achieve the City 
Commission's goal of developing downtown as an 18-hour destination district."
An extensive public outreach campaign has included personal visits with all 
property owners, so they're aware of both the scope of work adjacent to their 
property and the work timetable. In addition, staff from the City's Public 
Works Department created a project web page, available at 
http://www.talgov.com/pubworks/downtownsidewalks/index.cfm . This page will be 
updated on a regular basis to indicate where construction will be taking place. 
Citizens with questions about the project can also email Public Works staff at 
DowntownSidewalks@xxxxxxxxxx .
The project is being undertaken with input provided by the Downtown Improvement 
Authority, as well as the Long Range Planning target issue committee. The newly 
rebuilt sidewalks will be scored in a diamond pattern, similar to sidewalks on 
newly renovated Gaines Street. Not all sidewalk segments will be repaired as 
some are already in excellent condition and meet Americans with Disabilities 
Act (ADA) requirements. In addition, sidewalks along state-owned Monroe and 
Tennessee streets are not part of this project.
For more information on the Downtown Sidewalk Project, visit 
Contact Steve Shafer, Public Works, 891-8234; or Bill Behenna, Communications 
Department, 891-8533


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