[tabi] blind persons who are employed in commercial businesses are being sought

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Subject: Need Workers who are blind or visually impaired to Feature on MSU

NTAC Website




We recently launched a new website separate

from our Center's website called the National Technical Assistance Center

(NTAC) designed to be an information resource for three primary audiences:

businesses, service providers in the blindness field and people with vision

loss.  In the Businesses section we want to feature brief stories

accompanied by a picture of people who are blind or visually impaired at

work to demonstrate how people with vision loss can do all kinds of jobs.

Right now we are looking for individuals working in mainstream jobs outside

the blindness field in businesses doing non-academic work.  So far we have

featured a chemist and a lawyer, etc., and have a couple more like that in

the works,  so we want to demonstrate to businesses that individuals with

vision loss can do all kinds of jobs.  For example, we heard about a man who

was blind who worked on the loading dock at a Lowes somewhere.  My task is

to feature two people per month but it has been hard to get people.

It would be great to do a telephone interview with the individuals, perhaps

in the evening so it wouldn't interfere with work.  I would write a 250 word

story about the work they do.  It would include what their work entails,

what adaptive technology they use to do your job; the degree of your vision

loss, when you lost your vision, the cause, where you went to school. Also

they may want to mention any interests, hobbies, passions.  It would be

interesting to know how they found their job, etc.

I would also need them  to e-mail me a picture of them doing their job if

someone at work could take one.

I thought you would be able to think of ACB members who might be interested.

They would be providing businesses and employers a great opportunity to see

work individuals with vision loss can do.

I appreciate any help you can provide.  If you have any questions, please

e-mail me or call me.

All the best,





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