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Hello friends:

From the various responses I received this trek has been done once before by 
Bill Irwin a blind man back in 1990. This was done with his guide dog Orient 
and before GPS was commercially available. 

From Mike Hanson's website http://www.blindhiker.com
I plan to hike from south to north, starting in March, 2009.  I expect this 
hike to take six to eight months.  I should finish in September or October.  
I plan to film a documentary of this adventure with Fresh Image Video 
Productions.  Please visit my blog for updates on my progress.  The address is 

We will fly out of Minneapolis to Atlanta, GA on March 3. We have reservations 
at the Hiker Hostel for March 3 and hope to hit the trail near Springer 
Mountain on March 4. Packing and last minute preparations are going well.

From my research Mike Hanson's start date was a bit confusing to me. I kept 
running across a start date of March 2008 then March 2009 as above. After 
reading Mike's blog he seems to have had a few setbacks with his sponsorship 
and funding. The new start date is March 5 2010.

Here is the video again from the Komando website 

Below is the description of the book written by Bill Irwin taken from the NLS 
BARD website.
Blind Courage 
Irwin, Bill. Read by Terence Aselford. Reading time 5 hours 58 minutes. 
Blindness and Physical Handicaps 
A variety of problems involving family, alcoholism, and blindness prompted 
middle-aged Bill Irwin's decision to tackle the 2,000-mile- long Appalachian 
Trail with his dog guide Orient. For eight months in 1990, the self-proclaimed 
non-hiker made his way along the sometimes treacherous trail--a feat he credits 
to God. In describing the trip, Irwin stresses the helpfulness of the other 
"thru-hikers" he met.  DB 32328

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