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As some of you know, I was in Tallahassee this past week lobbying for my
work union. There are many bills that should concern us very much. 
The bill I am asking you to contact your Representatives about is HB 1217.
This bill concerns us, as it is a bill pertaining to disabled persons. One
part of the bill is Police must have disability sensitivity training,
disabled pedestrians who are involved in an accident must have it reported,
if a disabled person is a victim of a crime, it must be reported and
statistics must be kept, the White Cane Law must be on the drivers test, and
if the person answers it wrong, they don't pass the test, and a few other
things, but this is maybe the most important points.
I urge you to e-mail, call the local office, or call Tallahassee and let
them know you are in favor of this bill. We need to seriously start paying
attention to what they are doing up there, or we are all going to suffer for
Please call me if you have any questions.

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