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Hello Yvonne and others: 

This is a standard feature on ALL flash memory cards. 


If the slider is down you are able to write to the card.


If the slier is up you are not able to write to the card. The flash card is 
write protected to keep the user from writing over the card just incase you 
want to keep what data is on the card.  


Hold the card so the notched corner is orientated to your lower left. This will 
be the face or label side up and the slider will be at the right edge. 


A similar feature is on cassette tapes to protect one from recording over want 
you don't want to record over.


Floppies or floppy disk had a similar feature. Each disk had a notch that could 
be covered up with a sticky tape. 


Oh boy am I dating myself now.?


   Now high capasity flash cards are 4 gigs and up and require a high capacity 
card reader to write data to. I suspect all computers now have the card readers 
built in. My last computer I bought had this feature. 

I know, this is  more than you wanted to know. 

I am just showing off. 

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  To the ones who uses the Victor reader Stream. I want to share something with 
you. I had purchased a 16gb memory card and I tried to download some books and 
I got a error saying copy protected. I called the Kingston
   company and there is a switch on the side of the card that can be seen by a 
sighted person the switch has to be unlocked by pushing it up. I don't think it 
is on the 4 or8gb cards but it is on the 16gb. I found this about the Kingston 
brand only.

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