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Please find below our minutes from our last meeting.  Happy reading.

Tallahassee Council of the Blind - Minutes 10/11/12

Attendance: Armia Durden, Nancy Folsom, Carl McCoy, Jeanine Peters, Ray Malloy, 
Liz Bowden, Shelley & Richard Sawyer, Sally & William Benjamin, Georgia
& Jack Kellogg, Kathy Graham, Barbara Ross, Sila Miller, Lynda Jones, Tricia 
Kiser, Wanda Stokley

The guest speaker for this meeting was Fred Shelfer, CEO of Goodwill 
Industries-Big Bend. Mr. Shelfer presented an interesting and informative 
of the local facility and explained the policy for this location related to 
wage earnings and how the less than minimum wage process is not done here.
Mr. Shelfer expressed an interest in working with LBB and receptive to 
employing the blind and visually impaired. He encouraged folks to call and speak
directly with him at 850 576-7145 in the future.

The minutes for the August 2012 meeting were not available for reading and 
approval as a result of confused technology.

Sila presented the Treasurer's report (see below) which was accepted as 
presented after a motion by Wanda to do so, a 2nd by Sally, and unanimous 

William reported the Transportation Disadvantaged meeting was primarily to set 
goals and go over the annual reports. The new phone system should begin after
the dial A Ride office staff has been relocated to J. K. Steele Plaza. There 
was some discussion about inviting someone from StarMetro to speak again at
a TCB meeting.

William requested Wanda send a sympathy card to Trish McGriff's family.

William then presented the slate of nominees from the Nominating Committee: 
President, Wanda, 1st Vice President Shelley, 2nd Vice President, Georgia, 
Sally and Treasurer, Sila. He reminded everyone there can also be nominations 
from the floor and he explained the process. Elections will be at the next
TCB meeting on 11/8/12.

Shelley inquired about the Board Rep selection process and it was decided not 
to make any changes.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Wanda and a 2nd by Lynda with 
unanimous approval. The meeting was adjourned by
William at 7:47 p.m.

William Benjamin, Piano Tuner Extraordinaire.
The tuner alone preserves the tone.

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