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Greetings To All,


I am passing this information on.  I am participating by  voting each day
for the Porter Family.

I encourage you to consider  this opportunity for support and join me with
casting your vote each day.


Johnnie Slaton, President

Tallahassee NFB




Hello everyone,


Please click on the link above and help out . Misty Porter and her son

Alden live in St. Augustine. Alden is in the first grade and would benefit
greatly from winning

the Perkins SMART Brailler. This is a promotion that Perkins is doing and
Alden is competing

with 5 other families across the United States. 

They are currently in 2nd place and could really use our help to reach 1st
place and receive this

brailler. Voting is over September 8th and until then you can vote EVERY
DAY. Your help is 

greatly appreciated!!!

Just a little about Misty and her family - Misty's husband is a stay-at-home
Dad dedicating

his time to what needs to be done at home. After working for the North
Florida Education

Department as director of the Blind/VI Early Steps program for several
years, Misty is now

working with FSDB in St. Augustine. Alden has one brother, and the entire
family is dedicated

toward helping him grow to reach independence. 

Thanks so much for your support 


Lenora J. Marten, President

Florida Organization of Parents of Blind Children

Secretary NFB-FL

Florida Rehabilitation Council for the Blind





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