[tabi] Re: RFB&D. free downloads instructions

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  • Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 13:31:59 -0400

Ok I did get my account set up. I did talk to the folks about my problem 
downloading the manager got put on hold for over 15 minutes with a thunderstorm 
starting up outside my window. I hung up. She did say I had signed up for the 
wrong account. She was going to fix that for me.  

Got an email saying they were having a problem with people using the Firefox 
browser. I use IE8.

I will call them back when I have a block of time. It looks like that is not 
going to be today. 

I have saved the program to my desktop, run the program in a temp folder, each 
time  get a run time error when I try and install the darn thing. 

Thank you for careing. 

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  ok, I have contacted the RFB&D. folks, and here's the scoop!!! 
  you must first create an online account.  
  If you have a victor stream or other player, you need to get the "audio plus" 
version of the books which is also free.  
  First you will need to follow the links in your account to register a player 
(registration is free).  Download the file to the player per the instructions.  
  Audio Plus gives you the "Daisy" downloads option.  
  I'll be doing this in a while so can give a report when I'm done. 

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