[tabi] October 15, 2014 Leon County Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board Meeting

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This is the annual public hearing and quarterly meeting. The public is
encouraged to attend this meeting which will be held from 4 p.m. until 6
p.m. at the Area Agency on Aging located at   2414 Mahan Drive. If you are
unable to attend this public meeting, you will be able to call in and voice
your concerns, issues make recommendations or ask questions. This Board
wants and needs to hear from you who use the different transportation
services provided to you. Don't let this opportunity pass by without your
voice being heard, whether it be positive and/or negative input. 


The number is 1-888-670-3525

The confirmation code is 1450864554


This meeting information is being shared with you at the request of Colleen
D. Roland,

Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency



Leon County 

Transportation Disadvantaged 

Coordinating Board 


October 15, 2014

4 PM






                 Note:  Meeting Location

Area Agency on Aging

2414 Mahan Drive

Conference Room



NOTE:  Your attendance is important. If you are not able to attend please
contact Colleen Roland at 891-6812 no later than October 14, 2014 or
Colleen.Roland@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:Colleen.Roland@xxxxxxxxxx>  

1.   Call to Order Annual Public Hearing -   Hon. Mary Ann Lindley, Chair,

*        Prelude provided by Mr. William Benjamin, Board Member.

2.   Public Hearing - any member of the public is welcome to speak to the
Leon County Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board (TDCB).  Please
keep your comments to no more than 5 minutes.

3.  Annual Operating Report Summary (Andrea Rosser, Community Transportation
Coordinator, Star Metro)

*       Ms. Rosser will present the Annual Operating Report from the Florida
Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged.   It was also cover the
quarterly report.  Attachment 3

*       Ms. Rosser will introduce new employee, Robyn Rhymes, to the TDCB.
She is replacing long-time employee Jan Hudson who is retiring at the end of

4. Adjourn Annual Public Hearing - Hon. Mary Ann Lindley, Chair


Note:  Upon completion of the Public Hearing, the chair is requested to
adjourn the public hearing, and call the Regular Quarterly Meeting to order.
Should members of the public arrive during the regular meeting and desire to
be heard, the chair can reconvene the public hearing at her discretion. 


1. Call to Order Regular Quarterly Meeting - Hon. Mary Ann Lindley, Chair

2.  Items from Members

3.  Items from Staff

(a)  Regional Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board.

At the present time the CRTPA provides transportation planning services to
four counties, Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, and Wakulla.  The CRTPA elected
officials meet as one board.  Federal law requires that the CRTPA produce a
long range transportation plan, which is a single plan is considering the
needs of all four counties.

At this time our Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board serves Leon
County.  The CRTPA also provides planning services to the other three
counties.  They also have individual boards and individual Service Plans.

Staff is preparing an item for the November meeting of the CRTPA.  Staff
will be requesting approval to move forward with a regional Local
Coordinating Board.  This proposal would combine the four separate Local
Coordinating Board into a single board.

This proposal will not affect present service.  Transportation Providers and
Coordinators will remain.  Funding for trips will not be affected.   The
benefit from a combined board is the coordination of efforts and addressing
inter-county issues. 

Over the last year, the key pieces of any Service Plan has been completed.
Gadsden, Jefferson and Wakulla Counties have adopted Trip Priorities and
Local Standards fully consistent with the Leon County TD Service Plan.

Several positions on the board are held by representatives of  local and
state agencies which are obligated by Florida Statute to sit on the board.
Several of them serve on individual boards in 13 counties.  This would help
consolidate that effort. 

Should the CRTPA recommend consolidation, resolutions will be sought from
Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, and Wakulla Board of County Commissioners
supporting the change.

Finally, staff will present the item to the Florida Commission for the
Transportation Disadvantaged (FCTD) at the next available meeting.

Staff believes this can be accomplished and in place for the beginning of
the fiscal year - July 1, 2015.

If approved a new Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan would be
developed and completed within a statutory deadline of 120 days, or October
26, 2015.

Requested Action: For information and comment.

(b) Meeting Dates for 2015

Staff is proposing the following meeting dates for 2015:

*  January 14, 2015

*  April 15, 2015

*  July 22, 2015 

*  October 14, 2015

Requested Action:  Approval

(c)  Minutes from the July meeting 

The minutes are included as attachment 4C.

Requested Action:  Approval


4.  Meeting Adjournment - Hon. Mary Ann Lindley, Chair






Sally Benjamin


volunteer@xxxxxxx <mailto:volunteer@xxxxxxx> 


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