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Feature Writer John Christie - 26 Useful Apps for the Average 

National Braille Press has produced a new book with timely 

called "Twenty-Six Useful Apps for Blind iPhone Users," by Peter

Cantisani.  The Apps that Cantisani chose must provide a useful

function and be reasonably accessible.

In the first chapter, called "Life With Apps," Cantisani starts 

day with a variety of Apps.  They include a wake-up alarm and 

report App, an App to see if his bus is running on time, an App 

read a book, and an App to take notes and much more.  The reader 

hooked on Apps as a wealth of possibilities.  The book assumes 
that the

reader is familiar with the functions of the iPhone and its 

An introduction to the App Store is also provided, instructing 

reader in how to find, download, and update Apps.

Each App is covered in a separate chapter along with the name of 

developer, the price, amount of memory required, and category 
such as

utility, music, news, and so forth.  Half of the Apps are free 
and very

few are priced at $5 and most require very little of your 

memory.  The exception to this is the Navigon MobileNavigator GPS 

which is 1.69GB in size for the North American version.

Each App has an introduction to it followed by how accessible it 

There is also an overview of how to deal with its functions.  The

author lets us know about the buttons and whether they are 

with Voice-Over or not.

In the book, the author covers Apps for music, downloading books, 

App for collecting Podcasts, and Apps that let you stay current 

news and events.  In addition, there are cooking Apps for 

recipes, learning cooking techniques, and finding useful 

such as finding the right measurements and one that will generate 

shopping list for a dish you might want to make.

There are also mobility Apps.  The "Next Bus" App lets users 
check bus

schedules and find out when the next bus will come.  The Sendero 

LookAround app does exactly what it says.  It looks around your

location to determine points of interests and determines nearby

streets and gets your current address.

There are four Apps with blind audiences in mind in the book.  
One is

for identifying money, labeling and identifying documents, as 
well as

other items, obtaining information about other surroundings, and

downloading books recorded for people with print disabilities.

The book is available in hard copy, Jiffy-Braille, on CD in 

and in downloadable DAISY and Microsoft Word formats.  The book 

$9 and is available from National Braille Press at www.nbp.org or 

calling (800) 548-7323.

Cantisani wrote a really great book.  It's perfect for people who 

the iPhone and are looking for Apps to help them in their 

lives.  In addition, half of these Apps are free and most of the 

Apps cost very little.

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