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I got a chance to play around with the scanning capabilities and for the money, 
this is pretty cool.  Out of the box just using defaults with the unit set up 
on my network I can place a document on the scanner go to my computer, scan it 
and read it pretty quickly and with out much hassle.  Once the document 
finishes scanning just press alt-tab and you will be in your documents folder 
and a rename dialog box.  by default the document has a document date and 
number as it's name, just type in the edit box what you want the document to be 
called tab once to select the file type such as .pdf .txt or rtf tab to save 
and press enter.  you will be placed back in the list of your document folder 
with the new file highlighted.  Just press enter and, there it is.  You can 
also change settings to use MS word and even other ocr applications if you have 
others on your system.
Here is a sample using the OCR software that came with the unit with out any 
fine tuning.


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