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Hi Scott,
I've had questions from others about it, so I'd rather answer some of
the initial questions at least, on the list so all can benefit.
I haven't used it, but I've been on their mailing list for a while, and
so have some idea how it is used.
It's free software, available for certain models of phones.  it can use
the built-in GPS of the phone, or an external GPS (which is highly
recommended over the built-in units).
It does not have any map data on the phone, nor does it have the ability
for you to enter an address on the phone and have it guide you to the
address, nor can it tell you where you are (by naming a street and an
approximate address).
this makes it sound nearly useless, but what it can do with some work on
your part, can be quite useful.  it's all a question of how much work
you're willing to do, because you'll need to use a pc and their web site
quite a bit.
what it can hold is a list of gps points, with their names and/or
descriptions.  you could have created these points, or you can download
from their point sharing web site, if someone else has uploaded points
for your area.  it can only hold the points for a limited area (I don't
know, say 2 square miles) at one time, but you can put more groups than
that on the phone, and switch between them.
what it does is to tell you when you come close to a point it knows
about.  you can create a point for your house, and your street corner,
and so on, so that it could cover an entire route from your house to a
specific destination.
it has software on the web site, for you to enter a starting and ending
address, and it will create a list of points for you from online map
sources, and then you download this "route" to your phone.  it means you
have to know ahead of time the route you will be traveling.
it will not only tell you when you get close, but based on the direction
you've been moving, it will tell you where the point is relative to you
(in front, to the right, and so on), and how much distance.
if you have good computer skills, and the right kind of phone, and are
willing to spend $75 or so for a bluetooth gps receiver, it can be quite
useful as you learn what it's good for, and it's limitations.
as a general rule, it's helpful for those who travel the same set of
routes all the time.
if you're someone who's job may require you to always move from one new
location to another, then maybe it won't be so useful, especially if you
can't always spend some time on your pc planning your trip ahead of
If you're someone who finds the commercial gps units for the blind to
complex (and some people do), then I would not recommend this; it's just
as complicated.

The only thing the commercial ones have, that this really doesn't have
in any way, is a list of businesses that are near to any point.  and of
course, it cannot compensate if you go off route, and recalculate from
your current position, and get you to your destination.

their web site is http://loadstone-gps.com for more info.





Chip Orange
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        I was thinking of using the Loadstone GPS software on my  Nokia
E71 with TALKS. I'd like to know if anyone has any experience with the
software so I could speak with him/her off list about it. 
             Scott Greenblatt Esq.

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