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Mobility Tips: Traveling to the New Lighthouse of the Big Bend
The Lighthouse finally has safe access to a bus route at our new
location! Below is specific information for traveling from the C.K.
Steele Plaza downtown, to the Lighthouse front doors.

Once you have arrived at the plaza, locate Gate R. Gate R is on the
far south side of the plaza, which runs parallel to Call Street. If
needed, do not hesitate to request assistance from your inbound bus
driver or any other StarMetro staff stationed around the plaza.

You will take the Route 22 bus, which departs the plaza every 60
minutes at the bottom of the hour (8:30am, 9:30am, 10:30am, etc). Run
times for Monday – Friday are 6:30am-8:28pm, and on Saturdays run
times are from 8:30am-7:28pm.

Once you board the Route 22 bus, inform the driver of your
destination. Politely request s/he announce when the bus has reached
the stop at Highland Oaks Terrace and Capital Circle, the 2nd stop
past Park Ave, before the Tallahassee Fan & Lighting Store. This is a
new stop, added by StarMetro specifically for Lighthouse clients!

After exiting the bus, turn left/south and follow the sidewalk a short
way towards the intersection of Highland Oaks Terrace and Capital
Circle (about 30 feet from the bus stop). Turn right/west at the
corner of the intersection to travel along Highland Oaks Terrace. You
will cross two intersecting driveways before approaching the crosswalk
on your left. Neither driveway is currently being utilized, as they
both lead to an empty lot. Still, be sure to use appropriate caution
in listening for traffic that may decide to use these areas to turn

The crosswalk is on the left/south side of the sidewalk and marked
with curb cuts and paint. There is also a pedestrian crossing sign,
but it is NOT a stop sign. It is advised to cross here under “all
quiet” conditions, where you do not hear a car motor nearby. Traffic
should be light as it is a cul-de-sac which dead ends.
After crossing Highland Oaks Terrace, continue walking south down a
ramp with wooden railings and along the sidewalk. After the wooden
railing, you will be walking beside the Lighthouse parking lot, so be
careful of vehicles that may be pulled into a space with the bumper
slightly over the sidewalk.

Turn left at the brick patio area (where there is also a building
column on the corner), and look to your right for the main entrance of
the building, which is the second or center set of doors.

Note: On your way back to the bus stop, the pole that denotes the stop
location is offset several feet into the grass. It is recommended to
travel an approximate distance of 30 feet after turning onto the
Capital Circle SE sidewalk to wait for the bus.

Of course clients and visitors may still use other methods of
transportation to the Lighthouse, such as para-transit (Dial-A-Ride)
or taxi services; however, bus and foot travel are now also safe
options for all!

For individualized assistance or instruction on the above information,
or with other any bus travel needs, please contact one of our
Certified Orientation and Mobility instructors at (850) 942-3658.
Check out the TABI resource web page at http://acorange.home.comcast.net/TABI
and please make suggestions for new material.

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