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It is unbelievable to me, from all that I hear any more, how disability
unfriendly Google has become; considering when they started, they tried
harder than most to make things accessible, now, my understanding is
that they often blame the makers of assistive technology any time anyone
has a problem accessing a Google resource.  


For those in the national advocacy groups, I'd suggest having a
camnpaigne to make Google aware of how disability unfriendly they've
become would be a very useful and helpful cause to take up, given how
much of our daily electronic life involves Google in some way.





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Good luck, You will need sighted help.




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        Hello everyone.  Can someone tell me how to get around signing
up on the google page.  I have tried using the audio sounds, but there
are  several people talking in all languages. If someone can please give
me some assistance it would be much appreciated.  Thanks! 

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