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You are a very unselfish person Lynn!



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  The video opens with a clip with Ryan talking.


  The video then scans   headlines in newspapers. The stories are about a 
teenage boy, who dies of AIDS,  


  The camera than scans across color photographs of a young boy


  There is an image of the wheels of a bicycle as it roles across the pavement. 
The rider is not shown.


  Images of young people dancing 


  More photos of Ryan with people that could be his family.  


  A beach with waves rolling in

  The camera pans around a boys room as it tracks a ball as it roles down 


  The video ends with an image of Ryan with Michael Jackson and Michaels voice 


  Who would have knew, when Michael wrote this song he would be writing about 



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    Missed it the first time Friends!

    Only this time it is Michael!


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