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Next week, we have something special for you on Mushroom FM. We're giving you
plenty of notice, so you can tell Siri to put it in your calendar.
Please join me, Jonathan Mosen, and the Tech Team for an Apple event special
call-in show.
At 1 PM Eastern next Wednesday, 9 September, Apple will be revealing its
latest iPhones. It's also expected we'll see a radically revamped Apple TV,
and maybe even a larger iPad. Plus, there'll be more details about iOS 9,
ahead of the release of the gold master to developers.
Apple will be streaming the event live, to browsers and the current Apple TV.
Apple's terms and conditions expressly prohibit rebroadcasting of the event,
and we figure that if you're keen, you'll get it from the source anyway. Does
that make it Apple source? But after we've heard the event, the Tech Team
will take to Mushroom FM at 4 PM Eastern, 9 PM in the UK, summarise all the
good stuff and get your views.
On the Tech Team panel for this show will be Allison Hartley of the Tech
Doctor Blog and Podcast, Anthony Horvath who is an adaptive technology
instructor, Shane Jackson, a very early iPhone adopter, former Apple employee
and host of the Blind World podcast, and me, Jonathan Mosen, a partner in
Mosen Consulting and author of several Apple-related books, including the
forthcoming "iOS 9 Without the Eye".
We'll be discussing the hits, the misses, the surprises, and all from an
accessibility perspective.
You can call in too, via Skype or through a series of telephone numbers
worldwide, and tell us what you made of the event and ask questions of the
team if you have any.
So make a date to geek out with the Tech Team, for our Apple event special, 4
PM Eastern, 9PM UK, on 9 September. The place to be is http://MushroomFM.com.
You can listen online via the Mushroom FM accessible player, or in all good
radio apps and services.
See you then.

Robert Acosta, President
Helping Hands for the Blind
(818) 998-0044

Accessible World Team

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