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The University Counseling Center (UCC) has two new initiatives that it would 
like to highlight. We are offering One-on-One instructional sessions on Time 
Management, Study Skills, and Stress Management. These free one hour sessions 
are available to all enrolled students and facilitated by staff and certified 
peer educators from RENEW (Realizing Everyone's Need for Emotional Wellness). 
Students may request sessions at a convenient time which fits their schedule 
via an online request form on the UCC website at www.counseling.fsu.edu. 
The UCC is also the proud sponsor of the newly developed UCC Suicide Prevention 
Program: NOLES CARE.  The goals of this initiative are to increase campus 
mental health awareness, educate the FSU community about suicide, encourage 
students to seek counseling, and train campus stakeholders in referral skills.  
UCC Suicide Prevention Program  


     Communicate concern  

     Ask questions 

     Refer to resources 

     Encourage and expedite help-seeking   
For more information about UCC counseling services, instructional sessions, and 
the UCC Suicide Prevention Program NOLES CARE, or if you have concerns about a 
student, please contact us at 850.644.2003 or visit our website at 
Ilese A. Weingarten, LCSW, CAP   
Outreach Coordinator 
The University Counseling Center 
Florida State University 

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